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Comic-Con 2010. A virgin’s thoughts (and crappy photos)

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Not that everyone else doesn’t have more and better photos than me, but since it was my first time at Comic-Con, I feel I must comment and share.

For the Comic-Con virgins, like I was, you should know that if I used one word to describe Comic-Con, it’s “fun.” If you like Halloween and pop culture, you’ll love this event. You’ve never seen so many elaborate costumes. You could just sit outside the convention center and watch people go in all day and you’d be entertained.

Second, there are celebrities walking around everywhere. In my 2 1/2 days, i saw the entire cast of Vampire Diaries,  Stan Lee, Morgan Spurlock, Joshua Jackson and the rest of the Fringe cast. And that was just at the hotel. I also got to meetand chat with D.B. Sweeney (toe pick!), Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi), a guy from Heroes, voice of Futurama Billy West, voice of Spongebob Squarepants Tom Kenney, G4’s Chris Gore and more I just can’t think of right now.

If you think Comic-Con is all comic book-y and geek-y, this ain’t your grandfather’s Comic-Con. Now, it encompasses TV, Movies, books, comics, collectibles, toys and pop culture. Mostly the TV and movies are here if they’re sci-fi related or sci-fi cast related (I’m lookin’ at your Castle and Nathan Fillion), although some are just desperate to be considered here with the cool kids (yes, you, Glee.) There’s art, performances, panels, toys, screening and autographs. There’s comic book art, anime and independent film.

In short, if you’re interested in virtually anything pop culture, start planning now for 2011. You won’t be sorry. I’m certainly not.


Made me want to see “Kick Ass” and watch “Fringe.”


Awesomeness. What to say? Nelsan Ellis’ favorite word as Lafayette is “bitch.” Ann prefers filming love scenes (vs. violence) in the morning, so she doesn’t have to go thru’ the whole day with icky blood goo on her. Joe Manganiello (Alcide) howled and let us know he’d  be fully naked in Sunday’s episode. Anna and Stephen Moyer looked incredibly lovey-dovey. Alexander Skarsgard was absent and they knew we missed him, so they put up a cardboard cutout. Not really anything like our multi-dimensional Alex. Or Eric, even.


They actually did a table read of a script they have not yet filmed, which was incredibly entertaining. Matt Groening gave out prizes for good questions from the audience.

V panel

Scott Wolf and Morena Baccarin on one panel (and right next to each other) was almost too much beauty to bear. Almost.

FRINGE panel

Now I’m determined to watch Fringe. Sounds great. The director made each audience questioner answer a trivia question from the actors. Great fun. Every panel should do that!

HEROES guy (David H. Lawrence XVII) and my friend Mechel

KEVIN SMITH panel. Some guy proposed to his girlfriend. They met one year ago at Comic-Con. Kevin was entertaining, as always.

DB Sweeney – Toepick! (Has new movie coming out; he and partners made original, now on DVD, is being re-shot by studio.)

And to wrap up, a little hotel lobby fun: