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World Cup Fever? In the U.S.? Finally!

Posted in Soccer / Football, World Cup on June 24, 2010 by blondenews

I have to say, I’m so overjoyed to see the crowds packing into bars in the US, as early as 7am in the morning, to grab a seat for World Cup. And for once, it’s not just the folks cheering for their native lands – Mexico, Brazil, France. It’s fans cheering for team U.S.A.  I don’t remember ever hearing the national anthem sung in a bar anytime other than the Olympics but I heard it for that first USA/England game, as well as chants for U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

Granted, some of these folks may not be able to explain the offside rule, or name more than one of the US players (I’m talking about you, Landon Donovan) but for someone who’s been a fan of the sport of football since back around the early 70’s, and a fan of US soccer since the late 70’s, it’s certainly rewarding to see, and long overdue. We may not have the grace of “the beautiful game” the Brazilians play, or the history of teams like England or Italy, but finally, we have the enthusiasm of our country behind the team.

So learn those names folks – there’s a full roster right here – I’ve pasted it below.

Sadly, you won’t be seeing most of these players regularly after World Cup. Because of the weakness of support for the game in the US, most of these players make their living overseas. Yes, Landon Donovan plays for the LA Galaxy of the MLS, and Jonathan Bornstein for Chivas. However, all three goalkeepers play in the England – Tim Howard for Everton, Brad Guzan for Aston Villa and Marcus Hahnemann for Wolverhampton. Michael Bradley plays in Germany and other team members play in Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Italy and Mexico! Note the differences in the roster below between “Hometown” and current “Club.”

We can only hope this new enthusiasm for soccer (football) here in the Status will translate to real opportunities for players to make a decent living here at home some day soon. I know I’d like to see them playing right here in LA all summer long. In the meantime, enjoy World Cup, everyone!