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The Streets of West LA

Posted in Uncategorized on May 5, 2010 by blondenews

No, literally, the streets. Going west from the 405…
my little rhyme to remember the correct order.
Read it out loud for full effect.

So, I’ll tell ya’, (Sawtelle)
when I was studying the CORINTHians
I had a BUTLER
named COLBY.
Don’t make a FEDERAL case out of it,
I know what a STONER you were back in the day…
living in the grand ville (GRANVILLE)
hangin at the WEST GATE.
It’d cost you an arm and a leg to live there now. (ARMACOST)
You oughta go down to BROCKTON beach and get yourself some
SALTAIRE before you turn into
Before he was a killer, he went to AMHERST
and dated a sweet girl who worked at WELLESLEY
But later he started hanging with cheap women like 10 Cent Ella. (CENTINELLA)


Quick West LA news/links

Posted in Music, Quick News updates on May 3, 2010 by blondenews

Four people stabbed by some crazy lady at the West Hollywood Target store. Off-duty sheriff’s deputy pulled a gun to stop her, which caused further confusion and general chaos and stampeding ensued.

Sunset bridge over 405 Freeway to be demolished and rebuilt. Well, that will certainly help the already hellacious traffic on the westside near the 405!

The 14 Below rock club to close for renovations / reopen under original owners.

May 3: Santa Monica Bl. on-ramp to SB I-405 will be closed from 10pm to 6am tomorrow.