Who ever thought this was a good idea?

Mansard roofs.

Formal shorts.

An NHL team in Tampa Bay.

Vegetables in cans.

Droopy jeans falling off your butt.

Huge SUVs for little women to drive (badly).

Overalls (except for farming use).

George Clooney as Batman. (He wears a MASK, people!)

A pineapple diet.

Running on hard pavement.

Not using the decimal system.

Meatless meatballs. (?)

A paper dress.

The $2 bill.

Peep toe boots.

Singers as actors. And vice-versa. (With occasional exceptions.)

An actor as governor of California.

Acoustic ceilings (a/k/a popcorn celings)


An actor as president.

Fried ice cream.

An NHL team in Dallas.

Raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed

A phone that’s also a computer (sort of).

Shoes with articulated toes.

Celebrities learning ballroom dancing in front of a live audience.

An actor as president.

Communicating with strangers, 140 characters at a time.

A Brit teaching Americans how to eat better (in school & out).

PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN, and note part 1 or part 2!


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