News Wed 3/24/10

Portugal is in credit trouble. I feel your pain, Portugal. And I love your language. But not as much as when it’s spoken in Brazil.

Car bomb exploded in Colombia. 6 killed, 42 wounded. Awful.

Another snowboarder dies. This one at Mt. Hood in OR. What is going on? In uplifting action sports news, Dave Mirra is released from hospital after surviving scary bacterial meningitis scare. He’s a man now, but still the Miracle Boy.

Ann Coulter needs to go home. To her home, as in, her house. And stay there. Permanently. Enough with the anti-Islam hate speech. She suggested that Muslims should not be allowed to fly in the US. When asked rationally by a Muslim student what transportation they should take, she suggested “take a camel.” Clearly Ann is desperate for attention. Check out her “I’m so sexy” black low-cut dress and boots. And her “I’m still Rapunzel even tho’ I’m over 40 and not at all sexy” hair. Get a life, Ann. Preferably one that lacks on-air presence.

Two of those celebutards from “Jersey Shore’ got a BOOK DEAL?! What is happening to our society, people? Only you can stop the madness. Do not buy this book. Reject online gossip sites that talk about the Kardashians. Forget the name Paris (except the city).

Using the “n” word because you disagree with health care policy? House members threatened because of their votes? Really, have we come to this? Is this the freedom our forefathers fought and died for? You are allowed to have a difference of opinion. That does not entitle you to lose your decency or civility. Racism and hate solve nothing.

Navy Seal Adam Brown’s body greeted by 500 people on return to US. That’s patriotism, people. That’s decency.

On a happier note:

Patton Oswalt-penned “Firefly” comic comes out June 2nd.

HBO’s “True Blood” Season 2 releases on DVD 5/25 (Happy Birthday to me). “True Blood” Season 3 returns June 13th (Happy Belated Birthday to me). First “True Blood” Season 3 teaser, released this past Sunday, features bloody, brawling Eric Northman. Happy dreams to females everywhere. More teasers coming weekly after each season 2 re-broadcast. (Check your local HBO listings for Sunday.)

Rumors that Rachel Maddow will run for Senate are apparently unfounded. That’s too bad, but honestly, she’s probably too good for them. Better she’s able to objectively evaluate and report and challenge the lies and exaggerations many politicans spout. That’s all too rare these days.


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