Lost in Lost.

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON in ABC’s “Lost?” I mean, where the heck is our damn denoument? I really hope the producers know what the heezy they’re doing because I know I’m a smart girl (don’t let the blonde fool you), but I just don’t know what’s happening. ARE they in hell? In Purgatory? But they said years ago that it wasn’t Purgatory, when we all thought it was Purgatory. RIGHT?!

Is anyone else confused by the man in black and the “new Locke” and Jacob? Is he still Jacob? He’s not Jacob, right? Jacob is dead. And that guy is definitely not Locke. Or at least, not the old Locke. Which one of them is the smoke monster? Is there some kind of Venn diagram or flow chart that could explain who’s who, cuz I feel at this point I kind of need name tags. And I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think I may be getting a migraine.

I really wanted to love this final season. I wanted to be pleased with how everything is tied together and explained but, so far, I’m mostly confused. Someone, anyone? Are you with me?

I love the Movieline.com writeups by Mark Lisante (oh, I’m sorry, “Alan Smithee”) and although they deliver hilarity, I still lack clarity. I’m also so distracted by Sol from “Deadwood” on “Lost,” and Seth from “Deadwood” on “Justified” and Trixie from “Deadwood” on “Caprica” that I’m having even more trouble paying attention to the plot developments on “Lost.” I do so look forward to the resolution, whatever it is.

And to answer Movieline’s question this week of what will we do when Lost is over… I know what I’ll do. I’m gonna pull out my “Deadwood” DVDs and watch them all again. Cuz although your perception of the characters as good or evil morphs over time on that show, at least you know where you stand.

In the mud. In the middle of the street. With horses galloping past and maybe some bullets flying and definitely a lot of cuss words, written brilliantly in blank verse by David Milch.  And I can’t think of a better place for my tired brain.


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