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News Wed 3/24/10

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Portugal is in credit trouble. I feel your pain, Portugal. And I love your language. But not as much as when it’s spoken in Brazil.

Car bomb exploded in Colombia. 6 killed, 42 wounded. Awful.

Another snowboarder dies. This one at Mt. Hood in OR. What is going on? In uplifting action sports news, Dave Mirra is released from hospital after surviving scary bacterial meningitis scare. He’s a man now, but still the Miracle Boy.

Ann Coulter needs to go home. To her home, as in, her house. And stay there. Permanently. Enough with the anti-Islam hate speech. She suggested that Muslims should not be allowed to fly in the US. When asked rationally by a Muslim student what transportation they should take, she suggested “take a camel.” Clearly Ann is desperate for attention. Check out her “I’m so sexy” black low-cut dress and boots. And her “I’m still Rapunzel even tho’ I’m over 40 and not at all sexy” hair. Get a life, Ann. Preferably one that lacks on-air presence.

Two of those celebutards from “Jersey Shore’ got a BOOK DEAL?! What is happening to our society, people? Only you can stop the madness. Do not buy this book. Reject online gossip sites that talk about the Kardashians. Forget the name Paris (except the city).

Using the “n” word because you disagree with health care policy? House members threatened because of their votes? Really, have we come to this? Is this the freedom our forefathers fought and died for? You are allowed to have a difference of opinion. That does not entitle you to lose your decency or civility. Racism and hate solve nothing.

Navy Seal Adam Brown’s body greeted by 500 people on return to US. That’s patriotism, people. That’s decency.

On a happier note:

Patton Oswalt-penned “Firefly” comic comes out June 2nd.

HBO’s “True Blood” Season 2 releases on DVD 5/25 (Happy Birthday to me). “True Blood” Season 3 returns June 13th (Happy Belated Birthday to me). First “True Blood” Season 3 teaser, released this past Sunday, features bloody, brawling Eric Northman. Happy dreams to females everywhere. More teasers coming weekly after each season 2 re-broadcast. (Check your local HBO listings for Sunday.)

Rumors that Rachel Maddow will run for Senate are apparently unfounded. That’s too bad, but honestly, she’s probably too good for them. Better she’s able to objectively evaluate and report and challenge the lies and exaggerations many politicans spout. That’s all too rare these days.


News from a blonde girl

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I’m well-informed. I read a lot of news every day. But not just boring political news. I read fashion blogs. I read celebrity tweets. I love sports. Well, not the traditional American sports but hockey, tennis, soccer, action sports. I love houses. I love movies, books and TV. I wish there was a news website that had all the news I’m interested in, but I haven’t found it, so I decided to write one.  It’ll be a little of this, a little of that, a little humor, a little outrage, a lot of me. Hopefully there are others out there who will enjoy reading and commenting.

Quick Thoughts…

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OBAMACARE! I’m so proud of our president for getting Health Care Reform passed, I could just burst. Honestly, I cannot anyone who has looked rationally at where our health care in this country is today and what the plan will change, and not think it’s a great moment for us all. I am startled and horrified by the level of sour grapes and outright lack of respect the Republican party has shown this president. Yeah, it’s not fun being in the minority, is it? Well Democrats slogged down that dry, dirt road the last 8 years and they didn’t like it either, but they didn’t lose their dignity or their humanity in the process. I consider myself an independent but when it comes to health care reform, I’m all about it.

DANCING WITH THE STARS 2010 – If Kate G doesn’t get voted off first, I’ll eat my hat. Or my tiara. Or some sequins or fringe. Something.  And hopefully Jake will follow shortly after. (Despite some obvious attempt by the judges to give him undeserved higher scores.) What was with those low scores for Aiden?  Other than not moving his hips his first week out, and dancing immediately after a CURRENT Pussycat Doll who spends her career being choreographed?  Granted, I’m biased toward Alec Mazo and Edyta Sliwinska’s celebrities every season because I take class from them and they’re talented and generous and just overall spectacular people. But COME ON… This is the one form of dance I feel qualified to judge and I was perplexed by some of the scoring, to say the least. Texters of America, it’s up to you.

JAMIE OLIVER’S FOOD REVOLUTION: I’m not sure why it took a charming British chef to take on this country’s horrible eating habits, but thank god he has. I can’t wait to see him win over the folks in WV and the rest of the country with what is truly an inspirational effort. How he kept his cool in that radio interview in the first episode, I’ll never know. Clearly he has a cooler head than me. Bless you, Jamie, for wanting to help and daring to try. Well do I remember that the food in my HS cafeteria was so bad, my friends and I ordered subs from a deli across the street every day and made them deliver (cuz we couldn’t leave school grounds). Here’s a link to his petition to save cooking skills and improve school food:

Lost in Lost.

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DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON in ABC’s “Lost?” I mean, where the heck is our damn denoument? I really hope the producers know what the heezy they’re doing because I know I’m a smart girl (don’t let the blonde fool you), but I just don’t know what’s happening. ARE they in hell? In Purgatory? But they said years ago that it wasn’t Purgatory, when we all thought it was Purgatory. RIGHT?!

Is anyone else confused by the man in black and the “new Locke” and Jacob? Is he still Jacob? He’s not Jacob, right? Jacob is dead. And that guy is definitely not Locke. Or at least, not the old Locke. Which one of them is the smoke monster? Is there some kind of Venn diagram or flow chart that could explain who’s who, cuz I feel at this point I kind of need name tags. And I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think I may be getting a migraine.

I really wanted to love this final season. I wanted to be pleased with how everything is tied together and explained but, so far, I’m mostly confused. Someone, anyone? Are you with me?

I love the writeups by Mark Lisante (oh, I’m sorry, “Alan Smithee”) and although they deliver hilarity, I still lack clarity. I’m also so distracted by Sol from “Deadwood” on “Lost,” and Seth from “Deadwood” on “Justified” and Trixie from “Deadwood” on “Caprica” that I’m having even more trouble paying attention to the plot developments on “Lost.” I do so look forward to the resolution, whatever it is.

And to answer Movieline’s question this week of what will we do when Lost is over… I know what I’ll do. I’m gonna pull out my “Deadwood” DVDs and watch them all again. Cuz although your perception of the characters as good or evil morphs over time on that show, at least you know where you stand.

In the mud. In the middle of the street. With horses galloping past and maybe some bullets flying and definitely a lot of cuss words, written brilliantly in blank verse by David Milch.  And I can’t think of a better place for my tired brain.

Fashion – Menswear rocks the runway

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I’ve been to a couple of runway shows lately – not NY Fashion Week, mind you, but FIDM’s Gala 2010 and a couple menswear’s shows. And it suddenly occurs to me that menswear is kind of limited. It’s not like they have dresses or skirts to play with. Granted, the occasional Scot or non-Scot is brave enough to wear a kilt, but for the most part they’re dealing with pants, shirts and jackets. Especially in these days of business casual when wearing a tie has become an occasional toil or an homage to “Mad Men.” Men’s shirts are a lot simpler than women’s, too, so I’m beginning to understand why men are so obsessed with jackets and shoes. I mean, what else do they have, really?

I feel kind of bad now that I used to give my ex-boyfriend such a hard time about how many  jackets he had. Every time we shopped and he drifted over to the jackets, my eyes would begin to roll and my concern for his lack of closet space would eke out as “Really? Another jacket?”  Rich always had,  and still has, excellent style. Those jackets, and his enormous collection of cool sneakers, were his main creative elements. Sorry, Rich. I get it now. I still say you have a LOT of black zip-up, fitted jackets, though.

I saw Brandon Scott’s Winter 2010 runway collection downtown the other night. I loved his theme –I THE AMERICAN STRUGGLE. God knows we’ve all been struggling a little lately. I also dug his style. The jackets had great shapes and great detail. Tailoring, tucks and trim and what I can only assume was bike-messenger-inspired cross-chest chain details. If I was a stylist, I’d be looking for an excuse to use some of his clothes in my next assignment. I could definitely see Eric Northman on HBO’s “True Blood” rocking some of the cool jackets with intimidating attitude. And I bet Alexander Skarsgard would love that double-breasted cardigan for his off-screen wandering. My favorite item was the indigo shawl-collared jacket that made a statement all on its own.

My friend Kristin Conahan took the photos below. Check out her blog:

In the meantime, great job Brandon. You made me want to be a stylist or a fashion blogger, so I could sit up front and see what cool kicks the models were wearing. Now that I have Kristin’s pics, I can see that they were cool boots. Not much variety, though – if you want something different next time,  I’m sure Rich would be happy to make some recommendations.

Hockey news – Red Wings peaking?

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If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge Red Wings fan. I loved them so much when they had a slew of Russian players along with the Canadians and were rolling four lines, with Scotty “the bog” Bowman behind the bench. But times change and now the team is more of a mix of Swedes and Russians and Canadians, which is cool. They’ve still got mad style and are a pleasure to watch.

The team’s had a rough season, tons of injuries, and the NHL salary cap hampered their ability to bring in replacements, but I’m hoping that they’re peaking now just at the right time to carry them into the playoffs.  I want another Stanley Cup. I know we’ve won a few already in the last decade, but I want another one! Call me greedy. I don’t care.

I wish more women were hockey fans. It’s such a great sport, full of passion and athleticism, speed and skill. Look at the love in the photo below. Look at the brotherhood. I’m hoping the Olympics brought some new fans to the sport. It’s a hard sport to love until you see it live. Then you FEEL the bodies slamming against the boards, SEE the ice flying as they come to a sudden stop, HEAR the ding as a puck flies off the crossbar.  Once you see it, you’ll never be the same. If you get a chance to go, trust me, you should do it.

May '97 Red Wings, SC Champs